New to FVP4000T – problems with storage, move and copy, subtitles, info on recordings


New Member
I've just upgraded? (from HDR FoxT2) and I'm having trouble like many people with the UI:

  1. Storage – when I go to Home/Recordings/Storage I see the programme I have recorded on the Internal HDD. However, when I go to Home/Media Centre/Internal HDD this recording does not show up. Why is this?

  2. Move and Copy – I can move or copy programmes between the Internal HDD and an external USB hard drive. I also have NAS, a 4Tb WD MyCloud. I cannot move or copy programmes to or from this NAS, even though the handbvook says the FVP4000T is “a home network device capable of sharing media files with other home network devices such as the …. NAS”.

  3. Subtitles – When I play files recorded by HDR FoxT2 on any of the storage (internal HDD, external USB drive, NAS) subtitles are not available.

  4. Info on recordings – I cannot find any way of showing information on recorded programmes, a facility which was available on the HDR FoxT2.
Any help appreciated.