Newb: Streaming from laptop to Humax / USB playback


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I recently got a HDR 2000T for a present. I have two problems.
1. I connected the humax to the LAN (BT Homehub 3) via ethernet originally, however I recently purchased an Edimax dongle (7711usn 3dbi). I just plugged it into the Humax and set up the wireless connection to the homehub which works fine.
My problem is streaming from my laptop (Windows 7). I have media sharing switched on both Windows Media Player and Div-x media server (DNLA compliant). I have tried to add the humax as a device to the laptop in order to stream. However, the Humax does not appear as a device on the laptop. If I try to connect to the network server in the humax, it says connecting but comes back with 'no server found'.
What am I doing wrong ? My PS3 connected up to the laptop easily, but I am mystified why the humax doesn't show as a device that I can add to my homegroup.
2. My second problem is when connecting a hard drive through the USB. Only AVI files are found. I have a number of div-x (mkv) files that the humax doesn't find (the folders don't even show up). I thought mkv files should be playable on the Humax.
Any ideas ?
On the HDR-Fox T2 (a similar Humax model), DLNA needs to be turned on in the settings menu e.g. Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Content Sharing = On. Also on the HDR-Fox T2, MKV files on a USB drive are displayed, however not all MKVs are playable

Thanks for coming back to me.

I enabled content share and FTP. I did this before setting up the wireless connection. Do you think I need to switch it off and back on ? I would have thought that this doesn't really matter but I can try it.

With regards to the mkv files, I cannot see any folders on the hard drive (WD Mypassport) which are Div-x media. The only content I can see is avi. files of ripped DVD's.

As Div-x is DNLA compliant I would have thought that 1. the humax will see it as a media server and 2. also play the files both wireless and from USB drive. I did test a file with DTS sound via a FAT32 format USB stick. It played the video but not the sound, so I assume DTS is not a supported sound format on the Humax.
On the HDR-Fox T2 (with Custom Firmware) is is possible to see whether the DLNA server really is running, it has been known to stop, so yes, It is worth turning off and back on again or placing the Humax in standby and then back on again. I though you were trying to play MKVs from a USB drive locally connected to your Humax, this would not require DLNA to be running, DLNA would only need to be running to stream content from the internal HDD or USB HDD to a remote Humax, PC or TV.
Humaxs can play a greater selection of AVIs, MKVs etc. locally than they can via DLNA streaming
Thanks for the help. I decided to check the PS3 last night after checking the laptop permissions and humax. Funnily enough the PS3 could not see any of the media servers. So I reset the router, and low and behold the servers appeared. The humax then discovered the laptop media server (Windows media) and connected easily. However, it doesn't see my Div-x Media Server which is a shame as this is where most of my video media is.

Are there any good media servers which the humax will recognise ?

By the way, with regards to the hard drive connected to USB, I still have the problem that it can't see the divx mkv files and folders. This was a seperate issue to the streaming issue and still to be resolved.
Thanks, I am quite new to streaming. Most of my video media files have AC3 audio. Unfortunately, serviio doesn't appear to support this form of audio. This is all miinefield !!!

Thanks for all the help though. I'll get there in the end.