No EPG for Quest


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Just noticed that I have no EPG data for Quest, it's there for Quest +1 but not Quest. I've looked at the what every owner info and took special notice of the Failed Series Recording - No Attempt Made section but have re-allocated series link to mornings on Quest +1 rather than evenings on Quest (I've been meaning to move it to mornings so as to free up evenings somewhat). It's been recording fine on Quest since I've had it but all of a sudden this happens. Any suggestions as to what I can do to rectify the situation?

Andy Fox

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Same here. Only Quest is missing the info, all other channels on the same mux (com4) are OK. Checked on the TV tuner and Quest is working fine, so I don't know why the HDR-FoxT2 has suddenly lost it.


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and here...

I don't know whether it's relevant, or just me, but I've just noticed that as well as Quest+1 on 38, I also have it on 791.

Since it's below 800, I'd not previously noticed it as an obvious dupe.


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Not limited to Hummys. I have No Info on ch 37 on my TVs as well.
But on ch 791 on my Samsung TV, I get the message that Quest+1 has moved, retue required (or somesuch). My quest+1 is on ch 38 just where it should be.


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How does a duplicate end up at sub-800?
For how Quest+1 was switched from ArqA to ArqB very easily. Quest+1 is currently being broadcast on ArqB with an LCN of 38. On ArqA there is a 'placeholder' being broadcast with Quest+1's old LCN of 791 and a message stating that Quest+1 can be found on 38 instead.

Currently a full retune will pick up both and place the non-functioning version in its allocated LCN of 791.

Andy Fox

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My Panasonic TV still has Quest working fine on 37, Quest+1 on 38 and the retune message on 791. Obviously gets its epg info from a different source (it has Guideplus and rovi logos at the top of the epg screen).


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Presumably all this guff will be sorted out by next Wednesday's enforced retune.


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So it's not a duplicate then!

yup, apols. I was operating the hummy via webif, and not actually sitting in front of the telly, so it didn't occur to me to actually *watch* the channel to see whether it was really a dupe, or just an EPG dupe.

It's worrying, that I spend more time on webif, than I do get in front of the telly?

Andy Fox

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Mine's back to normal now too.

If I was paying for advertisements on Quest I'd not be very happy if a large part of the estimated audience couldn't even see the channel, so I guess fixing it would have been fairly high priority.

Personally, I always record stuff and skip the ads anyway, but don't tell the companies who are daft enough to pay stupid money to the tv people.