No EPG via remote scheduling portal?


I have the same problem with an empty EPG appearing on the portal. I have read everything I can find on the issue here but nothing helps. I have a Foxsat-HDR and many of the suggestions seem to apply only to the HDR-FOX e.g. references to a diagnostics package accessed from the WebIf - not on the the FoxSat (and the command line equivalent 'diag' isn't available either).

According to the package management page all packages are up to date and I cant see a diagnostics package in the list of available packages.
I have seen a couple of posts suggesting that a forced (re)install of the rs package resolved the problem, but I havent found out how to do a forced install (yet). I suppose I could try an uninstall followed by an install.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Is it correct that the diagnostics package is not available for the Foxsat-HDR


Ezra Pound

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The Diagnostics screen for the HDR-Fox-T2 isn't an installable package, it is built into the main Web interface, so if you can't see it as an option in the main web-if menu of the Foxsat version of the Custom FirmWare it isn't available, there is a list of Foxsat custom packages here :-

The two versions of the Custom FirmWare for Fox-T2 and Foxsat were were written independently (with some collaboration) by two different people, so you shouldn't expect them to be the same