No longer rebooting OK after EPG forced reboot

Ed Ludlow

I know there's a warning about the Hummy maybe not restarting when you click restart after setting a programme to record via the Web IF, but until recently mine always restarted fine. Recently it's failing to start everytime.

Any thing I can tweak?


Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Not really. There appears to be a correlation between whether the HDR was powered up manually or by power on timer and the incidence of it failing to restart after a forced reboot (more likely to fail if the last power-on event was a timer).

Ed Ludlow

Ah that makes sense. My machine comes on automatically every morning on the normally fails to start if I try and set something and reboot from work for that same day (ie I NEED to reboot). if it's for furhter than 1 day ahead I don't force the reboot, knowing it will happen in the night.