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I've just been debugging a problem with the custom portal which I gather is due to a lack of compatibility with the latest firmware update when I realised that I can't see any items in the Package Management list for Installed, Available or Upgrades. I've had a look through the forum and couldn't find anything obvious (I suspect I've not used the right search terms) so I was wondering if it rang any bells for anyone as, whilst I've been able to remove the old custom portal (I used remove_portals as documented here: I now can't add the new portal (

In case it's relevant, I'm running a HDR Fox T2 with:
  • Web interface version: 1.0.7-11
  • Custom firmware version: 2.22 (build 1905)
  • Humax Version: 1.03.12

Any thoughts much appreciated,


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The first thing I would do is update Webif. If you can't do this from within package management, you could try reinstalling using Telnet:
opkg install webif

Edit. If Webif does not reinstall, you could try the following:
opkg install webif --force-reinstall
Andy Herbert

Andy Herbert

Thanks - that looks to have fixed the empty packages list problem. For the benefit of others, the steps were:
  1. Run opkg install webif --force-reinstall via the diagnostics page on WebIf
  2. Switch off the box and wait for HD to click off
  3. Swith the box back on
  4. Navigate to the WebIf
  5. Click the link to download and install WebIf
  6. Wait a few minutes
  7. Switch off the box and wait for HD to click off
  8. Swith the box back on
I've not yet installed the new Custom TV Portal, as the original one's now working and I can save iPlayer content to the HD which was my original aim. Now everything seems to be working again I'll take a proper look at what's in the new Custom TV Portal and decide whether it's a worthwhile addition to my box.

Thanks again,

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portal-xtra1 only works with Humax firmware 1.02.xx, new-portal only works with firmware 1.03.xx - you cannot mix'n'match.