No pause, repairing timeshift error message without reformat.


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I recently had the issue my Humax HDR 1010S of being stuck in a loop when I turned it on, it would start up to Freesat logo and display a black screen and kept thrashing the hard disk. Remote was unresponsive, so I unplugged the box from the back.
Unfortunately after the unplugging of the box, I could use my Humax now, but I could not pause TV, I got the following dreaded message when we try to pause live tv "The function does not work while retrieving data from the time shift buffer". Going onto the forums, I have not seen a solution, apart from either reformat the harddisk and lose any recordings or send it off to Humax or something. Actually there was another option I read about, remove the hard disk, copy the recordings onto a spare drive, reformat the original disk, which I did not want go through.
As the recording partition is a ext3, I downloaded DiskGenius and started to have a play. I could not find a corrupt file that I was looking for on the harddisk. To cut a long story short, DiskGenius can you show partition status and on 2 out of the 3 partitions, they had a status on 'clean', but the largest partition had 'dirty' status. Whilst you can use DiskGenius to copy your recordings, it cannot repair any ext3 partitions.
Being a windows 10 person, I did not not have linux machine to hand. I used VMware Workstation Player to run Ubuntu (both are free to download) and could now use Ubuntu to repair the partition by connecting the hard disk to my machine. I was originally thinking of running some Linux commands to repair the partition, but Ubuntu has a GUI disk manager that allows you to verify and repair partitions. My repair actually failed first time in Ubuntu, but doing a verify in Ubuntu, it said that the partitions are good.
Before trying it again in the Humax box, I did check the status of the partitions in DiskGenius and all 3 partitions were now marked as clean.
Once I put the harddisk back into the Humax, I was able to do timeshifting again, success.

Lessons learnt:
Timeshift does not work if the recording partition is marked as dirty.
I could not find any corrupt time shift recording file.......I did delete a set of directories / files that started with ".2", but that probably was a recording I had!

Sorry, I have not got any pictures and now writing this after the fact. If you try this and get stuck, ping me and I will try to help.