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Edit: OK, panic over. It's sorted for now at least.

We have 3 Humax boxes, two FOX T2 and one 1010 satellite. These are connected with HDMI to a Sony TV via a 3:1 electronic switcher. All had been fine for years until ...
Had an electrician round to do some work needing the power off. To avoid short cycling the boxes, etc, I turned the mains to the AV suite off beforehand and back on after he'd done. I went to check our recording schedules later on and found that the two FOX boxes won't give a picture.
Both show the Humax splash while booting but thereafter the TV displays a no signal message (on a black screen, not green). The 1010 is fine.
I thought the switcher might have failed but if I plug the 1010 into the ports I use for the FOXs it's fine. However the FOXs don't work in any port. I don't have a f2f adapter to do a direct to TV run without the switcher easily - it's a compact area, so shifting cables is tricky.
I've tried multiple reboots and cycled the V-format buttons (blindly) to no avail.

I'm baffled. The only thing that come to my mind is that the TV has installed an update during reboot which has broken the HDMI compatibility with the older boxes - other threads have talked about this.

Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: So while waiting for suggestions I had a look down the TV 'about' menu to see if there was anything about recent updates. In that section there is a 'Restart' option - the logic of that escapes me, but there it was - and after checking all the firmware dates (nothing recent) I hit the restart button - out of desperation, not any real hope.
And now it's all working again :confused::eek::sick:
Honestly, this stuff just does my head in.
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