No programmes showing in tv guide


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Today no programs are showing in the tv guide, so I cannot set any programs to record. I have an identical box in another room & that shows the programs so it must be a problem with this box. I have rebooted 2 or 3 times & changed the batteries in the remote. Any ideas?



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Assuming the EPG appears on the screen (albeit without data) when the EPG button is pressed on the handset, changing the batteries could not have any effect.

Turning the unit "off" using the handset only places the unit in standby; returning it to "on" from standby is not a start-up from power off, which is what we mean by a reboot.

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I'm trying to educate. I could have said effectively the same thing in more offensive terms, but chose not to.


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No need for offensive terms. Just clarify which reboot you mean.
A cold (or hard) reboot is what worked. (Power off, possibly wait a while, power on)
A warm (or soft) reboot would probably describe the act of turning off and then on with the remote - and doesn't have the desired effect.