No sound from BBC iPlayer

Hi. I'm new to Humux and to this forum; previously a Topfield owner. I recently installed a HDR-1000S and I am very pleased except for the BBC iPlayer. I get a great picture but no sound, ITV player is fine. Any thoughts.
Have you tested it with HDMI direct from Hummy to TV? It might be a problem with the AV Receiver!

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I had thought of that, but couldn't understand why ITV iPlayer would be ok and not BBC. I'll try it anyhow later today. Thanks
I've now connected the hummy direct to the TV and the iPlayer works fine. I was mistaken before, neither iPlayer would play sound through the AV Rx. So the question now is why do I get sound through the AV Rx when TV channels are selected but not with an iPlayer.
I'm not an expert on iplayer but suspect it may be something to do with the actual sound track format. I'm sure somebody on this forum will know what the different formats are.
Does the sound get through the AV Rx for both StdDef and HiDef TV, and similarly for recorded shows on each.
HiDef uses Dolby Digital Sound, StdDef doesn't for instance.
At one point the YouView box didn't output DD 5.1 (downgraded it to stereo) but I think they have updated it now.
I suspect there is a similar difference on iplayer.

I think you were talking about passthru to TV, but Does the AV Rx output the sound through its own speakers?
Some AVs do not intercept the HDMI sound, you need a separate digital feed (optical, coax).
You could experiment a bit in this area to see if the AV can handle the iplayer sound format at all.

Just a few ideas, it may help you narrow down the problem, but it doesn't appear to be the Humax itself, or the TV, from what you have said so far.

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It's hard to know what the actual sound format is other than the basic information an AV amplifier gives you. None of the kit I have lets you record it so you can analyse it. I guess the audio will be mp2 on the SD content (no idea what bitrate). Iplayer HD uses ac3 audio. If the OP tries iplayer HD on his HDR-1000s via the red button from a BBC channel interested to see if he gets audio. Don't use the catchup epg as currently a BBC bug only delivers HQ SD content even though HD is selected.

No problems with my Denon AV amp. How about trying a s/pdif connection to the amp as a test.
Made the trials as suggested but with no luck, I guess that the AV Rx can't handle the file formats. I have now bypassed the AV Rx for sound from the hummy and the iPlayers work fine.