None of my browsers play .ts files anymore. Alternatives?

Hello everyone,
According to my profile I haven't posted here, though it's a most useful resource. Here's the story.
I have two HDR T2's and installed CF years back when they were new. What a delight to browse to a recorder over the network here and watch a recording whilst not in the same room. This was back in Winddoze 7 days.
Fast forward. Just retired. Daughter wants to watch from her bedroom, and now has a windoze10 laptop. I use mac. Had to update the cf to get access, but all is well, and the Webif is excellent.
Except, Browsing to a file and using the 'play' button gets 'plugin not supported' in both w10 under chrome, firefox 52, IE(whatever) and Edge.
In OSX I have run with Safari, Firefox, Pale Moon, Firefox ESR at the earliest release, in hopes the vlc plugin would work. No success with anything on either platform.
I have installs of VLC on each machine, but it's not clear to me how to configure vlc to connect directly across the network, and reading posts on this subject I suspect that it won't be able to decrypt the .ts file and directly play it if I could.

I wonder if someone could give me some pointers to something which can read the file, - any preferred tools? sadly, for W10 rather than OS X.


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Start by routinely decrypting everything instead of relying on decryption on-the-fly. Then you won't be limited.

Next install the samba package, which will make the content discoverable from any Windows (etc) computer as Network Attached Storage (then any media player that runs on Windows and is compatible with .ts will play the content).

My preferred player is Splash.

Decryption Guide (click)


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You should be able to play things back using the VLC app on both operating systems.
The option you are looking for is called "Universal Plug'n'Play" on the Mac and will be similar on Windows.
When I click on that and wait a short while, my Humax appears in the list of media servers and then I can find recordings and play them back. You sometimes have to wait a short while for the file list to populate.

This will work even if the files are still encrypted, although it is a good idea to routinely decrypt everything to make it easier to recover recordings if the Humax fails.

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I can't access the Humax from my mac - it says "The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported. Please contact your system administrator to resolve the problem."

I don't want to use UPNP. So its FTP for me.


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I am still using the VLC plugin on Win 10 64-bit and Firefox 52.1.1 (32-bit) It has to be the 32 bit version of Firefox

I hope there is a replacement for the plugin before the ESR is ended.