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Hi all!

I installed custom firmware for my box and I can browse files from other devices on the Network and I have put packages on a USB pen which are shown as on the box in the opt folders however how do you use these packages.

I thought I could use renumber and channels like Sky News and ITV1 HD (Seeing as I'm Scotland) to the box as normal and also use remote recording on an Android Phone.

I installed the BAsic Web Interface and it said it were successful and I was to restart the Humax box which I did (I also restarted my browser) low and behold it continues to ask for me to install the basic web interface and now when I click on the link I get a 404 error.

I also cannot use Putty to connect to my freesat box (hopefully this is one and the same problem) as connection times out before I can begin to type commands. My Internet connection to the PC is wireless and I am using Windows 8 with putty. Maybe I could use a Virtual box and try HyperTerminal on XP?.

Currently at a loss and new to playing around with Satellite boxes in general, any help would be appreciated...


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I am at a bit of a loss as to why you are talking about USB pens and Putty. Once the basic web I/F is loaded, you do everything from within that. Load the full I/F, load the required add on's and away you go. It just works. The only thing else that I have done is assign the Hummy a fixed IP address in my router. I don't use anything other then the web I/F (such as Putty and I can do all of what you have suggested that you want to do in your first post.

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