Not recording and Recording schedule regularly blank


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I have a 9150t. After years of relatively glitch free use my pvr is not recording some programs. The recording schedule does not appear to be storing my saved series recording.although occassionally it may record a saved program Also when I press to record a live program, it may show in the recorded list...but nothing will play when i select it...Like a blank dvd! Nothing on it!...Any ideas and suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks, Jonathan.
I have reformatted and reset to factory settings...but it did not solve the issue. Thanks for the idea though.
If it was me I'd first do a default settings (but without a disk format!).

I'd also manually tune to just 1 transmitter to ensure that none of the missing recorders aren't due to the usual suspect. The auto tuning on the PVR-9150T is very poor.

I.e. a default setting followed by cancelling the subsequent auto tuning and then manual tuning instead.

For manual tuning see post #3

If It still was not OK then I'd check that I had retuned to 1 transmitter (!) and only then reformat.
Unless I had nothing worth saving on the disk in which case I'd just go ahead and do all 3 actions to get all possible resolutions over and done with.

EDIT: I took too long to type that! Just a manual tune left then
Thanks for all your input...It is very much appreciated. I solved the issue by buying another amazing 9300 in great condition from ebay. I have noticed the pvr behaves the same way...within a week the recording schedule goes blank...any thoughts? :)