Odd audio problem


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Here's my setup

Samsung smart TV, Humax HDR FOX T2 , Humax Foxsat , Sony Blu-Ray, pair of Edifier speakers ( one with power and EQ )

HDMI connections on all 3 boxes to TV. Optical out of TV to pair of twin phono to powered speaker. TV's own audio is permanently muted.

Audio from either of the 2 Humax boxes in is controlled by each of their remotes, and anything watched through the TV ( basically the internet ) is controlled by the Edifier, as is the Sony Blu Ray.

The problem is this.. when watching Freeview through the T2, which is how i normally watch 99% of TV , all HD channels audio cannot be controlled with T2 remote. The Humax T2 remote has no affect when raising or lowering volume on any HD channel. I have to use the Edifier speakers remote, just for HD.

All Freeview SD channels audio works using T2 remote

Does that seem weird to anyone ?
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OOoops :geek:
Just figured it out. I did a format recently on the T2 because it kept freezing randomly, , and i think a factory restore, which i've just discovered has defaulted audio to Multi Channel, so just changed it back to Stereo, and job done.


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Writing something up or explaining something to someone, even if you know they're going to be no help, often works like this.