Oddities relating to copying files


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For some time I've had odd happenings when I try to copy recordings via USB to memory stick or HDD.
The crunch arrived when I plugged in a stick, tried to copy three recordings, and it took an inordinate amount of time (more than 6 hours. I couldn't 'get in' either by remote control or by webif or via telnet. I crash stopped the system, and took the USB device for examination - it proved to have half filled the 64GB with part or all of 23 recordings, including one which I don't have any record of recording.

I cleaned the device, and set it to copy a single item from a different folder - again it went runaway. Both these attempts were using the Humax GUI. I then tried to copy using the webif, and it went runaway again.

I notice that, for some recordings I seem to have the .ts file, but none of the others.

Web interface version: 1.4.2-7
Custom firmware version: 3.12 (build 3965)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.12)

Any ideas on what I should look for, and how I should proceed?


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Firmware version 3.12 was fairly quickly superceded by 3.13 (build 4028). Although I suspect it will not resolve the problem, would suggest as a first step you update the firmware.

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I take it these are copy attempts using the WebIF rather than the SUI?

TBH, I have found it to be unreliable when transferring files between drives and prefer to use the SUI or FTP/SMB (OK within a drive though). I made a catastrophic error (unthinking) one day and killed a valuable recording by using the SUI to copy from one "USB drive" to another, forgetting the drives were actually virtual mounts of other Humii - another no-no.

It would be nice if this all worked in whatever combination, but I figure the number of possible cases is too great and I (usually!) stick with tried-and-tested.


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I loaded the latest version:
Web interface version: 1.4.2-7
Custom firmware version: 3.13 (build 4028)
Humax Version: 1.03.12 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.13)
Loader Version: a7.31

and the runaway condition still exists.
I'd like to know what to try next, but won't be able to action much until a holiday, which happens soon, is over.
I've started thinking about clearing out all the recordings, in case a re-format is likely.