Official firmware download issue


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I'm trying to restore my HD Fox-T2 box to the original firmware, after trying out the custom firmware. Unfortunately, the download links for the official firmware and the System Flush Updade File on the Firmware Downloads page don't seem to be working. When clicking on a firmware download link I am first of all asked to log in. By default, the login screen expects an email address that ends with '', which I don't have. After attempting to log in with a valid Google account I am taken to an error page that says " points to the site "beta" which does not exist. Please contact the domain administrator."
Has anyone else seen this error, or can advise me what I am doing wrong please?
Many thanks!
Many thanks for the clarifying the situation regarding the firmware, and for the download links too. (apologies - the forum software wouldn't let me reply directly to your message as I'm not permitted to post links yet)
What makes you want to revert?

It really doesn't matter about ditching the CF – ignore it and the box functions as if it wasn't there.
I didn't realise that, thank you. I'm reverting the firmware as I am passing the box onto someone else, and wanted to get it back to its factory state first.