Origin of Humax HDR DLNA server


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There seems to be a remarkable similarity between certain strings that appear in the Humax HDR binary and those in software derived from the media server sample in the Intel Developer Tools For UPnP Technologies SDK, such that it's pretty clear a version of this software was the basis of the Humax UPnP/DLNA code. The software was released with a BSD licence, making it available to embedded software developers, and quite a few other consumer products seem to have used it.

Apparently the SDK appeared around 2000 and was re-released in 2006 and 2009. The Intel-hosted versions have disappeared from today's web. Meanwhile various clones and forks have appeared.

This archive says it's v0.0.69 http://info.meshcentral.com/downloads/upnp/DeveloperToolsForUPnPTechnologies.rar

This is a GitHub fork of v0.0.67 https://github.com/jeremypoulter/DeveloperToolsForUPnP/tree/opentools.homeip.net.

This is a GitHub commit of a later version, Intel MicroStack Media Server revision 1.0.1298 https://github.com/b-rad-NDi/tv-now/tree/4c2f5c33e4048285b039e857094984aedc4968af, which is the basis of the TV-Now Open Source DLNA Media Server.

Perhaps these source codes can help to explain and possibly overcome issues with the HDR built-in DLNA server?
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Interesting. I presume the SDK is aimed at Intel processors, and therefore it is only the source code that is of interest.

What issues with the server do you have in mind?