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Peculiar Crash


Last night the box (HDR T2) was recording 2 simultaneous programmes (unattended) and during those the webif reports there was a crash, however the recordings continued till completion and following that one was successfully auto stripped of ads.

On attempting to view the box this morning there was nil video output! However the box was responsive to the remote and the webif still working, only a power cycle was able to restore the output though.

Has this been seen before, is the hardware on the way out?

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
It's conceivable, if just one of the Humax native process threads crashed which deals with the HDMI output and left other processes running. If it were not for the crash report, I would have blamed a HDMI hardware glitch.

only a power cycle was able to restore the output
Did you try power-cycling the TV?

Has this been seen before
I don't recall seeing those particular circumstances.

is the hardware on the way out?
I see no reason to suspect so, on the basis of an isolated random event which could have been caused by a cosmic ray.