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it's been a while since i've been on here so apologies if this has already been covered. I couldn't see it on the first few pages but may be wrong.

Is it possible to create a playback sequence via a package so it would either
a) play all files in a folder, latest first
b) Select a sequence of individual recorded files, from a number of different folders, in my chosen order and then 'play all'

I'm running the CF

This would be really useful when working from home so i'm not distracted by my son asking for a different Octonauts/Go Jetters episode every 11 minutes. (I've tried training him on the remote but he's still too young)

thanks, Adam
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It isn't a feature I use so I'm not entirely sure how it works in terms of order, but can't you select episodes on the TV screen using green and red and then get it to play all of them in sequence?

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Yes, you can, but I'm not sure what order it runs them in. An alternative is to edit them all together into one long file.

Dumski: It is not possible (without a great deal more reverse-engineering of the Humax code, which is extremely difficult and time-consuming) to do rudimentary things like trigger playback of a particular recording without going through the Standard User Interface (SUI - ie the front panel buttons and/or the remote control handset), or the virtualised remote control available via the WebIF (with the ir package installed). Many people have asked. Neither is it possible to create our own output to the TV screen (to play things or present things the Humax currently doesn't do or doesn't do very well). Many people have asked that too.


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'a) 'is possible and the default playback sequence is latest first. It is initiated exactly as described by af123 in post #2. The green button will select all in the folder and the red button will select or deselect indivdual epiosdes in the folder. Then just press play.
So once you are in the folder it is just 2 button presses to play all in the folder latest first.

Oldest first playback is a few more button preses. If oldest first is wanted then Sort by Channel or Sort Alphabetically (via the OPT+ button) before selecting the programmes to play back, but if its a folder recorded from just 1 channel/title and you've only just changed the sort order to Sort by Channel/Alphabetically then you'll also need to exit and re-enter media (by pressing MEDIA on the remote twice).


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Well that worked easily, and so simple.wish I'd tried that years ago.

Thanks everyone

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