Poor Signal, Glitchy Playback

Black Hole

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Odd one this, because it flies in the face of everything we thought we knew about the way an HDR-FOX works (or at least I did, I can't speak for everyone else).

I have been having glitchy playback (skips) from the HDR-FOX I use mostly. When rewound, the same passage then plays back fine. This occurs on recordings played locally or via SMB, and the timeshift buffer. I have run all the relevant diagnostics and a fixdisk.

This behaviour is coincident with the degradation of my TV signal.

I have a few experiments to try, to support or disprove the hypothesis: playing back old recordings should show no similar symptom, playing recent recordings from other HDR-FOXes in my network might also skip if their signals are as bad.

I am having difficulty seeing how a "bad" recording can skip on one occasion but not on another.


That sounds like it may be a hardware issue because the glitch it not on same position and you've performed software and filesystem diagnostics. Eg could be anything like overheating, component failure or motherboard solder joints etc.
As you say, try playing back a recent 'bad' recording on another humux (or vice versa) and see if there are any glitches should give you a better idea.
On a pc, play a 'bad' decrypted file using VLC. It has a tab - tools/media information/statistics that sometimes help in checking media files quality (looked for high number of discarded or lost frames)
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