Portal not working?


I tried to use the Portal today. All that happened was that the gear wheel went round and then disappeared, no portal window opened. I couldn't access any basic functions until I clciked on Exit, when I got a message "Humax portal has ended", though it never properly started.

Is there an issue with the portal at present?

I have the custom firmware, and I remember this issue with an old version of the firmware (can't remember if it was with the official or the custom firmware).

But the portal was working a week or so ago, and I have made no changes since then.

Ezra Pound

Well-Known Member
The TV portal does seem a bit hit and miss at the moment, it is currently working for me 10:50pm Wed 27May2015, but it was very sluggish when I tried it about th same time yesterday. It is worth trying again at a different time