portal-xtra1 dead project?


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This package doesn't work for me at all. I can select the 4 coloured menus but can't select anything on them at all.

Is there something I need to do to get this working? Or is it dead (atleast ATM)?
Check the wiki! You are trying to use a package that doesn't work with 1.03.xx firmware. Look at new-portal.
Even new-portal doesn't appear to have had any recent development and I uninstalled it since it didn't appear to add any value over the standard portal.
That's true. The portal packages were experiments with what we could do using the built-in web browser to access custom services, because it's the only way in we have to the TV screen. At one time there was a way for Sky subscribers to access Sky catch-up services, because "we" found development links on the Humax servers and exploited them - they have since been turned off. There was also a means to access a web cam and put that on screen through the portal.

One significant advantage of a custom portal is to provide direct access to the standard TV Portal apps without having to go via the Humax screen (avoiding the load time, and potentially bypassing server failures).