Porting Packages from HDR FOX-T2?


I've been a happy user of the HDR FOX-T2 for a number of years and am thinking about adding a FOXSAT-HDR to a TV in another room. One package that I use every day is Detectads, it's not available on the FOXSAT packages page so I wondered how possible / difficult it would be to port the package, and maybe some others from the T2?

Sorry, I've just seen this thread, would it be possible to port Detectads?

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In theory, yes, Detectads could be ported to the Foxsat. However, there are a number of key differences between the two devices that could make life harder:
  1. The Foxsat hardware (CPU especially) is MUCH slower than the T2. As a result, processor intensive activities (the likes of which I expect Detectads involves) can take a long time to complete on the Foxsat.
  2. As far as I'm aware the Foxsat nts file is a different format to the T2. If Detectads modifies transport stream file to remove ads, thereby necessitating updates to the nts file, then this could be a challenge
If you're technically minded, and fancy giving it a go, the following article provides a good description of how to set up a cross-compilation environment to build executable binaries for the Foxsat ( https://www.avforums.com/threads/hdr-compiling-your-first-hello-world-program.1411023/ ). It's an old article but the method is still valid.


Many thanks @adrianf36 for the link to avforums, I've had a quick read and will look in a bit more depth today.
In case anyone is interested, the link for the Humax Opensource toolchain / cross compiler has moved to:

The hummypkg git repo does not have Detectads, any idea where I can get it?