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Eric Carter

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Guys first post, how nice that I bring an issue. I have been using the customised software for a while without actually loading any of the additional features. I loaded the latest version tonight and logged into the IP of my device. I got the Web intro screen and started the dowload of the apps. Whilst it was downloading the hummy rebooted .

The wife wanted to watch summat on the box and the machine rebooted a couple of times so i loaded the previous version back on. Switched of Twonky on my PC ( I think that was the issue) and let her watch the recording. Just loaded the latest version and tried to access the web interface and I am getting the following in my browser

Index of /
Name Modified Size
Parent directory

Charts/ 09-May-2013 18:20 [DIRECTORY]
img/ 09-May-2013 18:19 [DIRECTORY]

Oh dear what have i done ?
I think it's the "whilst it was downloading the hummy rebooted" bit. What are you using - HD or HDR-FOX?

Out of curiosity, what features were you using before?
Sorry Its a HDR-Fox, I read in the forum of the schedule being lost when the device auto updated the channel list so loaded the custom software to stop it:), dont suppose it did anything.... without being initialised

So is there any way i can re-initialise the opening web menu ? or should I telnet and run the RMF software (If its loaded) ? Ironic thing is the box is going back to Humax as theres a sound issue on my hdmi connection (It goes silent after 20 mins) and i wanted to remove all the recordings before it got swapped
The 'Prepare for Return to Manufacturer (RMA)' is the way to go details HERE and then reload the Version of Official Humax firmware it was supplied with
OK buddy thanks for the guidance, will give it a go right away (well as soon as she who must be obeyed has watched Casualty) :)
Removed the software and rebooted then loaded again and I have been able to download all the features of the browser based stuff, just gonna have a snout around now and see what I need to do to copy and decryt my 85gb of data :)

Many thanks for the help
Thanks buddy ! Just looking through now :)

Have I just seem Martin Liddle's name pop up in the corner lol... I remember Martin from the early days with the 9200T ...... on