Problem with EPG Loading


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My EPG is taking ages to populate the screen. I know it was downloaded last night because I checked it earlier, but it took a good 30 mins to load then, and I had to keep changing the viewed channel. I put the HDR into standby afterwards.

It is like I used to get on my 9200 before the firmware was changed to store epg to disk, and it would load the EPG OTA at switch on. I suspect it is not saving the EPG for some reason.

Any suggestions how I can get it working properly again?

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Are you referring to the standard on-screen EPG (Guide button), the EPG in the WebIF, or the EPG in the Remote Scheduler?


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The onscreen Guide, though just checked webif and same problem.

Tried a reboot since original post.


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Try an EPG data reset from the maintenance mode telnet menu.

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