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Ezra Pound

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I am having problems trying to post a reply to the thread here :-
It is coming up with this error :-

Not Implemented
GET to /forum/threads/ftp-upload-fail.5762/add-reply not supported.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
I created another thread here :-
but this is also read only I think, when this gets fixed can a mod. delete 5764 please
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Black Hole

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Your duplicate topic is read-only too! My guess is that all topics posted within a particular time window have this characteristic.

Black Hole

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This is weird. I have added two more, both of which are locked. In the first, I copied and pasted smoo's text. In the second I copied and pasted into iOS Notes and then copied and pasted into the post, thinking there might be some kind of illegal character in the text. I'll try again with the PC in a bit...

(BTW - the problem has never been fixed)

Black Hole

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What is going on here? I have even tried pasting the text via Windows Notepad (thus definitely converting it to plain ASCII), and still the topic is read-only. Can't even edit the original post. And yet another topic created in the mean time works fine.

This problem has been reported before, but never appeared to receive any attention.