Problem with transferred recordings


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Hi all,

I have taken the plunge and installed Raydon's firmware on my FoxSat HDR's (thanks ever so much!!!).

However, I am having issues moving some recordings from one unit to the other (kids get the 320GB and we get the 500GB unit). I have installed one of the FTP packages on the 320, used FTP to copy them and the 2 smaller files (and the folder with the same name as the program) to my laptop. Then Used FTP to push the files to the 500 (could not get FXP to work).

However, some of the files can't be seen in the "media" listing on the 500. Many play and work ok. I can see they are there but they just don't list when the media list on the humax is selected.

Some folders show (1) or (3) as if there are recordings in the folder, yet it shows as empty.

I have installed Twonky media server and just realised I didn't try and play one of these "hidden" recordings and should have! But from the laptop, they were there, had size and looked no different to the ones that work.

None of these recordings are in HD.

Any ideas?

Thanks all,



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The filepath in the .hmt file is still pointing to the original box file location.

Simple workaround is elect to rename the recording (you don't have to change anything), to correct the filepath. The 2nd way is to install the fixfilepaths package that will automatically fix the problem. The third way is to use the fixfilepaths package and the nasmount package. If you cross mount the two boxes you can play a recording made on one on the other and vice versa without copying them at all. (This includes HD recordings made after Nowsters patch was installed). The fixfilepaths package is required because when you view a recording on one box made on another the same problem is created (the fixfile paths package sorts it out for you).

Not sure why your laptop has issues with SD recordings, they don't care about the sidecar files so should play the raw video/audio data in the .ts file.


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Thanks Graham!

I will try tomorrow when I am back home. The cross mount sounds ace, but I need to speed up my home network, perhaps with powerline adapters, rather than having the remote Humax plugged in to my WiFi repeater hub.