Problem with Web-If and disk detection


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Since the update to 1.03.12/ CFW 3.02 I have been having problems with my oldest HDR-FOX (bought approx. 4 years ago but with a replacement drive: 1TB Seagate Pipeline - advanced format). About 50% of the time after booting, I get the 'no disk detected' page (see below) when I try and open Web-If. I have run fixdisk in maintenance mode without problems, and I can always access recordings and start new recordings with the remote control. I can even access the internal drive over the network. Is it just a timing issue? This HDR-FOX does seem to take a few seconds longer to boot than the newer units I have running.


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I updated one of my boxes to latest CF to test the dedup problem I highlighted in another thread, and encountered the same problem. I put it down to me trying to access webif while it was still booting. Probably not.

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Looking at this more closely it seems that if packages are being updated (auto-update) after booting, Web-If is not available until this is complete, though it does come up eventually. In these cases, recordings can be played back before Web-If is accessible.

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The web page you are seeing is served from the Flash memory, and by what you say is a consequence of the main WebIF web pages failing access and incorrectly being ascribed to the lack of a HDD by the web server. af123 needs to look at the logic involved, and maybe serve up a more informative message under these circumstances.