Problems setting up Custom Firmware


I have a new Fox T2, and on boot up it displays Humax ver a 7.34. on the tv monitor.

I followed instructions on the Hummy Wiki, loading custom firmware 1.03.12 onto the box, and I got the success screen on the tv monitor at the end.

I can reach the Humax portal over the internet. I can ping my Fox T2 and it is detected on my network.

However, putting the internal address of the Fox T2 into any browser does not create a connection to the box. Neither does a telnet to the box (network error: connection refused).

When I boot the box up, the splash-screen on the tv is identical to that which was displayed before I flashed with the custom firmware, but as this is my first time with the box and this custom firmware, I don't know if this is to be expected i.e. no mention of any custom firmware being loaded (eg as on a Foxsat).

I have re-flashed twice more with identical results, each time getting the success message on the tv.

On the Fox T2 under Settings, System Information, I now see, undet Software Version, FHTCP 1.03.12.

I have a Foxsat box, so I am fairly familiar with flashing with custom firmware

Using a network tool app on my iPhone, Port 53 is detected as up. But I cannot connect on Port 80. I will try swapping my router for my ISP-supplied router just to rule out that part of the chain. But in the meantime, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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7.34 is not a firmware version (it's probably the loader version). It sounds to me like you have not in fact installed custom firmware at all, but the original Humax firmware. The "splash screen" (as you put it) will not change, the only visible change is the front panel display which will show the CF version during boot.

For full details please read Quick Guide to Custom Firmware (click).

I assume you have an HDR-FOX (you posted this in the HD-FOX section of the forum, and "Fox T2" is not sufficient to identify it). The latest Humax firmware for HDR-FOX is 1.03.12, the latest custom firmware is 3.00 (available for several versions of Humax firmware). Queries about custom firmware should be posted in the Custom Firmware section of the forum.

Edit: this topic has now been moved to the Custom Firmware section.
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Thanks you so much. That was it. So stupid. I should have waited till I was in the right frame of mind and not in a rush. The Firmware Download page couldn't be clearer: one is Official Firmware and one is Custom Firmware.

Sorry to have bothered you. I wonder how many hours I would have wasted till the penny dropped, so, I really do appreciate you kind patience and your not putting into print what you must have been thinking!