Problems with customised firmware

roisin mcnab

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I wonder if someone could help with a problem I am having I installed the new customised firmware on a HDR fox t2 all worked fine but the unit itself has developed a fault (turning itself off and on by itself) and might have to be sent back to the supplier.

My problem is that when I try to delete the firmware and return it to factory settings it seems to delete it but every time you turn the box on it comes up with a message saying CUST FW 2.21

Which if its going back to be replaced I would like to get rid of any trace that the firmware had been replaced.

Any help would be great .....
You have to remove the custom firmware by the proper process. Please explain what you have done so far, so we can advise the best way to go from here.
When you posted at 4.27 a.m. was the HDR checking for updates. The HDR turns on in the mornings to check for updates some time around 4.15.

Thanks for your replies, In answer to the questions.

when I removed the custom software i used the way to return the box back to factory settings as recommended think it was RMA when I type in the humax box ip address it does nothing so I thought it had deleted the custom firmware but when I turn the box on this is what appears on the box.

Starting System followed by CUST FW 2.21 then it shows the tv channel after 30 seconds or so all that comes up is == RMA ==

The box has searched for updates but never finds any.

I just wondered is there a way to take off the CUST FW 2.21 also the RMA

Any Help Would be great
To revert to standard firmware now that you have =RMA= showing, just install any official firmware release.
Note that 1.03.06 is not an official release so you need to choose a different one.

Thats great, Thanks for your quick reply,

I did see there was a 1.03.06 on the download page do you think it would be ok to put that on.

The cloned 1.03.06 will not clear the RMA flag, you need to install an official version (1.02.32 is the latest). If you then decide to install 1.03.06 note that you are moving away from a returnable system again.

For more info about official firmware revisions see Things Every... (click) section 1.

Going back to standard will not stop the box waking up around 4.30am every day. The custom firmware disable-ota package will.

I have just tried to install the 1.02.32 but now the box can't find any channels there anything else i can try

Do you know what version your box originally came with?
If it was 1.03.06 then you now need to install the non-customised 1.03.06 release. Installing 1.02.32 will have reset the RMA flag but 1.03.06 will be needed to make the tuner work properly if your box is one of the new hardware ones.
Is your Humax a HDR-Fox T2 GB RE? if so it may require version 1.03.06 to function properly, I understand that you installed 1.02.32 in order to get rid of the RMA message, but now that it has gone you may need to install the non Custom Firmware version of 1.03.06 on top of 1.02.32 in order to get the tuner to work properly

I have just tried placing the 1.03.06 on a usb stick but when you turn the box on it just ignores that there is a usb plugged in and keeps repeating no channels available.
Does your HDR-FOX have its aerial connectors paired horizontally or vertically on the rear panel? Was the original firmware (as delivered) 1.03.06 (in other words, was the first firmware you installed 2.21 for 1.03.06)?
I have just tried placing the 1.03.06 on a usb stick but when you turn the box on it just ignores that there is a usb plugged in and keeps repeating no channels available.
You need to make sure it is full standby before turning it on. If it will not go into full standby then you will have to power cycle it using the switch on the back.