Programme Lengths incorrect yet all programme recorded


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Since Christmas, I have had most of my recordings working fine but showing the wrong length both on the brose media files screen and in the Actual Time it shows for a programme on Info. Yet the whole recording has been made and can be played. Here is an example:
30/12/2022 22:12:51 - Recorded: Channel 5 HD Fri 30 Dec 2022 21:37:12-21:50:34 New: Riptide (13 minutes, 1.74 GiB)
The whole hour is there when I play the episode though if I pause the display shows the position as the right proportion of the programme but of the 13 minutes, not the actual 60 minutes.
Anyone else seen this?
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If you use detectads to remove the ads from a programme the recording end time will be adjusted down so that the Duration shows the new playing time of the file but it would never reduce it by that much!

Does the recording status show Valid/OK or some error indication? The humax only sets the status to be Valid/OK at the end of recording when it should also sets the end time.

My recording of Riptide shows

to indicate that 16 minutes of ads have been cropped out

If you run the Sidecar files option to rebuild the hmt and nts files is the length then correct?
I do not use detectads as I wanted to keep things simple as possible. The attached screenshot shows what the info screen looks like on the television and it appears that the blue line beginning Actual Time has incorrect start and end times. Yet the whole episode has been recorded. That's where the incorrect duration seems stem from.
Screenshot 2023-01-04 113853.jpg
What machine type are you using?
The colour scheme and the "new" recording indicator do not match what I am used to on the HDR Fox T2
I realise it’s a foxsat hdr so I have erred and posted in the wrong forum. My apologies. That was silly of me.
Curious use of the tilde character to indicate time spans, but now I see HDR-FOX does the same (less obvious)!

BTW: HDR-FOX/HD-FOX does not show an "actual" recording time in the info panel.