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Number 28
Listen very carefully, I will say this only once:
Wrong programme, as well you know. There's no p***ing by the door in SA.

1st move obvious, next 3 not so. After a lot of trial and error those next three moves became obvious. Then it all fell into place.


Number 28
Worth more than two stars. More inferences than I’ve had hot dinners. I usually do these in less than a minute. Nearer five with this one. I keep forgetting to write down the order of play, so no hints.


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F3, C6, A6, E6, F6, F1, E5, B5, B4, E2, D2, B1, C1, D1, A2, A3, A4, D4, E4, E3, D3, D5, C5, C2, B2, B3


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A6, E2, A2
Can you easily work out [C2 D4 E4] without C5?
They then lead to [B2 D3 E3]
Which leaves just [B3], the last in PRPRs order of solution

Edit: To answer my own question apparently I could have, judging on PRVR's order of solution.
When I look at a Kurosu my goal is to come up with how long the longest chain of dependencies is. Which is why I am analysing this.
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C5? Yes. prpr's sequence is inefficient (in terms of inferences), using 6 when it is soluble with only three.