PVR-9200T powers off at start


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I tried searching various forums if anyone has come up with the same problem as I have but without luck. My mom's old 9200T seems to finally have come to its end:
When switching the power on from mains switch the device begins starting up, after the "DUOVISION" text it shows "-------", TV switches automatically to AV source but showing only a black screen. After a few seconds the 9200t powers off to standby mode showing the clock in the front panel. After that it becomes unresponsive to remote and front panel buttons. Only thing that happens when pressing the power button from the remote the fans start spinning but nothing else changes. The device stays in standby fans spinning, with only option to switch it completely off from the mains switch. Resetting settings is impossible as I cannot get into any menus.

I've taken out the hard drive and aerial trying to troubleshoot the problem but they make no difference. Has my mom's loyal 9200T finally come to an end? :D
If anyone has any suggestions for resurrecting the device I'd be very grateful. But perhaps it's time to go TV shopping with USB recording feature.. :rolleyes:


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Thanks, the clock board does not seem to be the problem for me. In my case the recorder shuts down after trying to boot up and seems to be frozen in standby. The clock itself shows on the front panel instead of --:--. And I think for those who had the clock problem the recorder itself would turn on but the clock would not update or show correctly. In my case I can't even get the recorder to boot up correctly.
At the moment I'm thinking of replacing the capacitors on the power card since those seem to be parts that usually fail and cause intermittent problems. Cleaning the clock board won't probably do any harm so I might try that too, but I'm uncertain it would resolve the booting problem.

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I think that's clutching at straws. Bite the bullet and teach your mum to use a new PVR - you know you will have to sooner or later.


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Got rid of my last '9200 to a charity shop before Xmas otherwise I'd have offered it to you. It had a fixed clock board with new supercap, a temp controlled fan and a spare remote too.