Quick(ish) webif browser launch when using DHCP


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sHost = "HUMAX"
For Each oIP in GetObject("winmgmts:").ExecQuery _
("SELECT * FROM Win32_PingStatus WHERE address = '" & sHost & "'")
sIP = oIP.ProtocolAddress
MsgBox  sIP, , sHost
Title = "HUMAX WEB LAUNCHER by morco"
message = "CHOSE HUMAX IP ADDRESS"&vbcr&vbcr&_
"1  -" &vbcr&_
"2  -" &vbcr&_
"3  -" &vbcr&_
"4  -" &vbcr&_
"5  -" &vbcr&_
"6  -" &vbcr&_
"7  -" &vbcr&_
"8  -" &vbcr&_
"9  -" &vbcr&_
"10 -"
Default ="1"
Question = InputBox(message,Title,Default)
Select Case Question
Case 1 Run(1)
Case 2 Run(2)
Case 3 Run(3)
Case 4 Run(4)
Case 5 Run(5)
Case 6 Run(6)
Case 7 Run(7)
Case 8 Run(8)
Case 9 Run(9)
Case 10 Run(10)
end Select
Sub Run(var)
Set WS = CreateObject("WScript.shell")
        Select Case var
        Case 1 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 2 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 3 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 4 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 5 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 6 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 7 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 8 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 9 WS.run("HTT*://")
        Case 10 WS.run("HTT*://")
End select
End Sub
Sub Kill(Process)
Set Ws = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
Command = "cmd /c Taskkill /F /IM "&Process&""
Execution = Ws.Run(Command,0,False)
End Sub
thought this might be of interest to others.

I didn't want to use a static ip for various reasons but also didn't want to faff about finding the ip address each time I wanted to access webif on my humax hdr fox t2
so best I could, using various sources, I knocked together this little vbs script

how to use
htt* change all * to p
copy to notepad and save
change extention to .vbs

sHost = "HUMAX" is the host name, this can be edited to your own host name

you will need to discover your own ip range from your router and edit the script.

the first list of ip in the sript is 'displayed'
the second list is the browser link both will need editing
ive used 10 ips which covers my need.

run the script
it provides you with the humax ip
hit enter
you are the presented with a list ,1 to 10 ip addresses
enter '2' (for example)
hit enter
browser launches, webif interface

(tested on win7 x64 ,tp-link router)


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If you install the zeroconf package, you should always be able to access the Humax at http://<whatever hostname you gave it>.local/ too.

Owen Smith

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A DHCP reservation so it always gives the HDR Fox T2 the same IP address generally gives the best of bith worlds.

Now if only the HDR Fox T2 would support IPv6 all of this would be irrelevant.