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It's better than DAB, but whether it's better than FM depends on what side of the analogue v digital debate you stand on.


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I record some radio, does anybody know what quality is it?

Is normal FM radio better or worse?

There are a number of factors that have an effect on the 'quality'. One of them is the broadcast bandwidth. The bandwidth for the freeview radio stations vary.

BBC radio 3 is 192 kb/s (joint) but occasionally 160 kb/s, while non-BBC radio tends to be 64 kb/s (mono).
It is all MPEG Audio (Version 1) (Layer 2) which I believe is also used by DAB.
A recent sampling of the bit rate from the London transmitter can be found at

Bit rate and format isn't the whole story. For example there is nothing to stop broadcasters sourcing from a lower bit rate source. (Chart Show TV sounds to me as if it does this.)

The quality of FM radio does vary enormously with how well your aerial can receive from the transmitters. My big best radio aerial can be found on a roof. For my prime location an internal FM aerial is no match for BBC freeview radio. You ask about 'normal FM' but I have no idea what you classify as normal FM and what you classify as abnormal!

Unfortunately the best way to find out whether the quality is better or worse for you is to try them out try them yourself.


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I was very unclear in my original post.

I record some freeview radio (R2) on my DTR-T1010 and wonder if FM quality is better (I have an outside aerial and can sometimes see the transmitter).


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I think you'd be pushed to tell the difference in this particular case, all other things being equal.