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Just about to buy an HDR-FOX T2 but before I do ....

Is it possible to listen to Radio 3, Classic FM and NPR (the American equivalent to Radio3/4) ?
Radio 3: yes (it's on BBC's multiplex).

Classic FM: no, it is not on DVB-T, only VHF FM and DAB as far as I know (for which you need a DAB radio).

NPR: not a chance. Why would that be carried on UK TV bands?

There is a rider to this. There is access to Internet Radio via an Internet connection and the Humax portal. A search for "NPR" shows up a few listings, eg "KAXE NPR 91.7 FM". Classic FM shows up too.
Scotish freeview transmitters do not broadcast Radio 3 17:00-00:00 on weekdays, 16:00-01:00 on Saturdays and 16:00-00:00 on Sundays.

To search if an internet radio station would be available action a search on vTuner and check that the format is MP3.
The link for the search is

BTW The following link explains a bit about vTuner and the HD/HDR-FOX-T2
Thank you both for taking the trouble to reply.

I will read those links on stations.

Black Hole, I should have made my question clearer as I didn't expect NPR would be carried on UK TV bands, I was thinking more about the Internet Radio portal.