Does anyone use the above site, it's not been updated in a while.

I know the owner of the site has had health and family issues so I just wondered if everything was OK but have had no reply to any recent emails.

I've tried searching various forums but can't find any info.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
New to me, looks an interesting resource.

The trouble with running web sites and forums etc (and maintaining the CF!) is that as a hobby it's fine while you are active and interested in whatever it is, but it becomes a chore and a consumer of time you would rather spend (or need to spend) on something else if your own interest/need declines. Then it is time to find somebody else to take over or for it to wither and die.

Before the Internet I would spend my "chill" time watching whatever was on the telly. Then I got active on a forum for cars, and there was a lot of non-car chat there too so it was a good social club. The Humax came along and I was looking for a user group, and at the same time the car forum was getting less active so most of my attention turned here. If something more important comes along I will have to reduce my activity - there are only so many hours available in the day.

The long and short of it is that it does not surprise me when amateur-run Internet things go moribund. The URL subscription is kept up for a time because the owner is reluctant to kill it and has forlorn hopes of a resurrection, but eventually becomes an unjustifiable expense and is let go.

If you have a keen interest in the content, and some time to spare, I suggest trying to contact the owner with an offer of help. You can probably get a contact address through a WhoIs enquiry.