Random recording


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Last night I noticed a recording that seemed odd. It was at a time/day I hadn't set anything (it recorded on either Weds or Thurs about 8pm), didn't correspond to any series and wasn't a programme we'd have wanted. On playing it it turned out to be just a 6-7 minute fragment.

This was on our Freesat box (1010s) but I've posted in this section as the only (non-PBKAD or box glitch) cause I can think of is some sort of CRID error by a broadcaster triggering one of our series to start. If so someone else may have experienced it on Freeview or Freesat.

The only other causes I can think of are the box having a :confused: moment or me accidentally starting a recording and then several minutes later accidentally stopping it - without noticing either event. Given the schedule hashing recently both seem less likely to me than broadcaster error.

Anybody else noticed this?
Any other/better theories as to what might have happened?


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It's the Irish video recorder... recording stuff you don't want and replaying it when you're out.

I'd suspect a broadcaster error. Which channel?


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Which channel?
I think it was BBC One, and probably Thursday.
(At first thought it had failed to capture a single programme I'd set previously, but when I checked in RT I realised what I was thinking of was one it had recorded and I'd watched on Wednesday.)