Raspberry Pi Media Player

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There's a nice walk-through of installing a media centre OS on an RPi here:

(thanks to 4291 for the link).

The media centre is Kodi, which (apparently) is the new name for XBMC. Unfortunately the walk-through does not demonstrate it accessing a DLNA source or .TS files.


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I agree that that is a nice walk-through.
I note that the OSMC interface has already changed - so MyOSMC doesn't look the same, and the animation is no longer there.
The bit you were missing BH is the addition of 'sources' of media. This is quite straightforward, offering the option of various type of network access, including UPNP (which is how it lists DLNA), but some of the adding of detail is a bit clunky (in my opinion).
I've set up my HDR as both video and music sources.
The file play well, but the player doesn't seem to like skipping sections (you do need the MPEG2 licence for the RPi)
The author doesn't touch on using a mouse, but for that control method the Confluence skin is much better.