Really not understanding this HD recording decryption/download?


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Hi all,

I'm really not understanding this auto-decryption thing. I have it installed and none of my HD recordings have the 'Enc' icon next to them any more so I assume that worked and the Enc flag is removed.

I assumed this meant I could download them using the Opt+ option in Web-If? However anything I download isn't decrypted?

Someone said that copying the files to a virtual drive to decrypt and then downloading was the wrong (old) way to do it.

I feel a bit stupid as I'm sure this should be easier? I've looked in the wiki but just keep finding the links telling me to copy to a virtual drive?

Help!! Please :)

Do you have the Humax content sharing service turned on? That's through the standard Humax on-TV menus.

Now that you have the Enc flag removed then the recordings will be decrypted if you copy them to an external USB-connected disk but to decrypt on the fly you need content sharing. Once it's on, wait until the file has been indexed (it will have a green DLNA icon against it in the web interface browser) then it should decrypt ok. The tell-tale is that it will download with a numeric filename such as 1234.ts rather than the actual name of the recording. A bit of a pain as you have to rename it afterwards, but it does indicate that decryption worked properly.