Recommend a recorder for Freeview.


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I can get HiDef exports at a pinch. It is a real faff. (You really do need to know what you’re doing and need plenty of time and patience. I must get around to documenting the method.)
I would certainly be interested to know the method when you have time to document it.


Aura: Humax's flagship entry to the Android TV market, and being based on Android (rather than their own proprietary build of Linux) "has legs" (as it were) with a route for adding facilities (such as new Internet TV services) without relying on Humax to provide it from scratch (Humax would likely still have to approve new apps before they could be installed, unless the Aura gets "jailbroken"). Very limited or impossible to "extract" recordings for unlimited use elsewhere (presuming you are interested in doing that), although recordings can be exported in LoDef for portable use.

HDR-FOX T2: ... The only Humax Freeview PVR for which there is a "hack", and therefore very popular with us, and IMO equalled only by the Aura.

Interested in the export differences between the Aura and FoxT2.

Most of my exports to my NAS are StDef. Occasionally it is HiDef.

Are you saying that exporting of recordings is possible but not even StDef quality?

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The HDR-FOX can be used to "capture" TS files at original quality – as standard for StDef, and HiDef with the aid of a few tricks. The content of these files is exactly as broadcast.

The Aura (presuming no crack is found) exports mainly for the purpose of portable viewing of recorded content, and transcodes to a lower resolution on export. HiDef definitely won't be HiDef, but I don't know exactly about StDef. The reason is to honour its classification as a PVR – "P" as in Personal. This is important to the broadcasters and content providers.