recorded items stopped during playback fox t2

dean carter

New Member

humax fox t2 1tb

ive had a couple of instances where im watching a previously recorded movie and during halfway through the playback stops.

the file size indicates the whole movie has been recorded.
when i press pause the whole movie time is recorded.
there are no "lack of signal messages" when the item has recorded
if i fast forward to the point where playback stops the media menu comes back up.

its only happened a few times.
i have the latest firmware installed.
i have no other issues.

any ideas, many thanks
I've had that very occasionally when I have unencrypted the recordings by copying it to an external dive and then back again. Redoing the unencryption with the original encrypted file has then worked.
Have you used any method to unencrypt the recording?
yes, transferred to external hard drive to save space on main unit.
i dont keep original recording once transferd to hard drive.
didnt occur i was un encrypting them by transfering them to external hard drive.
Is your external HDD formatted Fat32 by any chance? there is a 4GB maximum file size limitation, this will result in larger files being truncated.
I can't speak for Dean but in my case that was not always the cause. That is why redoing it a 2nd time could result and did result in a fully playerable file. You are right, the symptoms are the same.