Recorded programmes no sound adjustment? HUMAX HDR-FOX T2


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So I have been looking online to a solution to this problem and I really can't find anything, so thought I would try here and see if anyone has had any experiences.

So with a Humax HDR Fox T2 connected to a TV which is then subsequently connected to a sound system. When watching LIVE TV the sound is fine I can listen to the sound through the system and impotantly I can adjust the bass and treble on my system.

However when watching recorded programmes the audio plays through fine but I LOSE all bass and treble control through the system. IE. I am adjusting it on the sound system but no audible changes are being made.

I was wondering is this an issue with the box ? Could it be that the recorded programmes and recorded with enough information for me to be able to do this from recorded playback? has annyone had a similar fault?

This is the manual for the system ^^^

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated ! :)

Thanks in advance

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The playback of a recording just spits out the audio stream that was recorded directly from the broadcast, with one proviso:

If you have sound preferences set to "Multichannel", the original data is reproduced. The Humax volume control has no effect on the data, but codes are sent to the destination reproduction equipment which should then interpret them to control the ultimate volume. If (alternatively) you have preferences set to "Stereo", the output sound stream is PCM data decoded from the recorded sound (whether PCM or AAC) with the Humax volume control affecting the PCM data directly.

It is possible that your sound system expects the tone control information to come from the Humax but it is not getting any. Try setting the sound preferences in the Humax menus to "Stereo".


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No problems with ours too, but in our case the digital sound output is taken from the Fox rather than TV


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I already had it on stereo so I reckon it's a faulty box

Thanks !

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