Recorded Shows Not Playing Back (fixed)


Just wanted to share with everyone my experience from last night.

I switched on my HDR-FOX-T2 as usual with no issues. (Currently running 2.19 / of the custom firmware).

Then a few minutes into being on, I noticed on the LCD display - "Rebooting in..." and an countdown from five seconds. The machine rebooted. No issue. The box rebooted and ten minutes later it started to record a show. While recording a programme, I wanted to watch another programme which had been recorded earlier over the weekend but this failed. The screen is blank and then the "This channel is scrambled" message appears. I was afraid I had lost all my recordings for the past few days. I did notice that the Red Ring package was not working as expected. The display was scrolling the name of the programme and running time, rather than the custom option I had selected of <TIME> <RUNNING TIME>.

In the end, once all the recordings for the evening had stopped, I ran the fix-flash-packages diagnostic. I then rebooted the box and all is working fine. Anybody else had similar issues?

Black Hole

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That sounds like the "lost encryption keys" syndrome, nothing to do with redring or fix-flash-packages. Shame, you could have done some useful tests. See HERE (click).


Thanks Black Hole. I was thinking of going down the fix-disk route if the issue had persisted. Do you know what causes this and why it happens? Could it happen again?


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I think most of us see it occasionally - in my case not more often than a couple of times a year.