Recording Film4+1 from BBCB


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For the broadcast of Film4+1 on the BBCB multiplex all my AR recordings so far have failed with cannot track errors. This is happening on my 1.2.20 and 1.3.12 HDR-FOX T2s as well as my HDR-2000T.

The HDR-FOX T2s and HDR-2000T have only had a retune of BBCB.
This has resulted in the HDR-2000T only having one film4+1 (from BBCB) and
the HDR-FOX T2s having the BBCB film4+1 on LCN 45 and the old one from com6 on 645 (which is where it had previously been renamed to as it's from com6).

If there are no conclusions by the weekend, then at the weekend I'll do a full manual retune on an HDR-FOX T2 to see if the quirk still persists, and also dust off a Vestel (but for that I'll need to delete LCN 15 as it will try to record from LCN 15 in preference to LCN 45), plus try a 9200T, if I can squeeze it in.

By the way, I will never watch anything on film4+1 I was just curious to see if there was an issue and if there was an issue to form an opinion about what is causing it.


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Has the move happened already? I thought it was tomorrow? Or is that the removal of the duplicate?