What exactly are you trying to do? Presumably your Freesat receiver is unable to record programmes and you want to somehow feed the output to your Freeview PVR, or maybe you want to transfer a programme recorded on a Freesat recorder to view on the PVR? If the latter, it depends on the exact circumstances and the equipment in question but it may be possible with a following wind and a lot of fiddling about (although, with a 9150, I doubt it).

If the former, please understand that the HDMI output is not recordable, and to record the analogue outputs requires an analogue PVR. Typically, a Freeview (ie digital) PVR does not have analogue capability, or any means to accept an external input except via the aerial socket. I have not yet found any (affordable) way to modulate an analogue video signal onto a digital TV carrier, unlike analogue TV where an old VCR would do it (or stand-alone modulators* are available for £30 or less).

The long and short of it is: buy a Freesat recorder.

* The modulator takes an analogue audio/video signal (typically available at the SCART socket) and converts it to a UHF signal that can be fed into a TV aerial socket. The TV (or other receiver) then has to be tuned to the modulator signal to display the video - but this requires the analogue section of the TV not the digital/Freeview section.