Recordings ending up in the Duplicates Folder


Hi all.
This has been happening for a while, If a recording is a series link everything happens as it should, it is decrypted and shrunk automatically it then ends up in a series folder, all works as it should.
If I do a one of recording e.g to time shift a soap or a one of program or film, it starts off at the bottom of the folders and the top of the one off recordings, once it has been shrunk and decrypted it ends up in the _duplicates folder and no where else. The recording in the duplcates folder is fully playable.
Hopefully someone can shed some light on this problem.
Are you using Sweeper? This seems like something a Sweeper rule could cause
I have sweeper installed but have never rely used it so for now the only rule that was enable was remove "New" I have disable all now and try recording a soap tomorrow and see what happens.