Recordings not happening


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My Humax has developed a problem whereby it goes through all of the actions of making a recording, the red ring changes colour, the programme shows as recording in the guide etc, but nothing actually appears on the disk.

I've upgraded to the latest release of the custom firmware but the behaviour seems to be the same.

Playback of old recordings is just fine as is viewing live off air.

Any ideas how I can diagnose what's happening?


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Thanks. I'll try that when I get home tonight. I'm suspicious about the lack of any error messages or failed recordings though

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All the information about a recording is held on the disk - so if the disk can't be written to, there is no info to say a recording wasn't made that should have been. Very little practical user feedback is presented on the TV screen by the standard Humax firmware, so that doesn't surprise me in the least. The standard Humax cure would be to reformat the hard drive.


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I had this problem too. My box lost all it's scheduled events overnight on 24th, due to an update I assume. I reinstalled the CF but after entering the recordings again they all failed in the same way, showing as recording in EPG but nothing actually recorded.

I found that all the HD channels had lost their signal, (only seem to record HD), so I've done an automatic scan and they're back now so I hope that's resolved the issue.