Remote access and file management?


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Hi, im going to be going back to my uni accommodation soon and was wondering if there was a way i could use my redundant humax box remotely (humax has a wifi card)?

I have a spare macbook pro that i could leave at home, which could be remotely controlled.

I would need a way to control what is recorded onto the usb hard drive that is plugged into the humax, then hopefully some way to transfer the recordings to the macbook (maybe convert to a smaller file format) and then ftp them to my computer at university.

Is this possible or does anyone have any suggestions as to how this could be achieved?

Also as a side question is it at all possible to stream content from my humax, sort of like a slingbox but without having to buy something extra?

Thanks :)

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You can do a lot of the management using the Remote Scheduler web service (install the rs package, and look up details about the remote scheduler HERE - click).

As far as accessing recordings remotely, there would be no need to go via another computer because you could FTP directly from the HDR-FOX, but don't forget you will need to decrypt everything first and also take into account the size of the files and achievable transfer speeds.