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Chris burd

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Hi I'm new to humax set top and have recently purchased a used humax hdr t2 and I need some help setting up using my android phone as a remote control I need a step by step guide as I'm a little baffled by the requirements and have limited computer knowledge

Black Hole

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As standard, there is no remote control for Android or anything else, other than the normal remote control handset.

If you want remote control over WiFi: you will have to install the Custom Firmware, then the ir package. That will provide a virtual remote control available from any web browser.

Somebody wrote an Android app which can also link into the ir package, but you need to start by getting the browser version working. To be honest, you don't really need an app – just add your browser remote control page to the home screen on your phone.

These are the guides you need:

I recommend this is transferred to the Custom Firmware section, because it has nothing to do with standard functions.

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I think the OP might mean this:
I never got that to work - I'm not sure it supports the T2.
It definitely doesn't, nor could it (without CF):
HUMAX Remote for Phone said:
HUMAX Remote allows yout to control your HUMAX products (iCord Evolution & HMS-1000T)
This is one reason I'm keen people are more precise than just calling it a "T2" – all PVRs capable of receiving the current full range of UK TV broadcasts are T2.